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Sissy Lykou
Counselling, Psychotherapy and Embodied Movement Therapy
in Central London, EC1

What I do
29th November 2020 
What I do
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Central London, EC1

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What I do. Legs and feet

About Counselling, Psychotherapy and Embodied Movement Therapy

Therapy can help people who face a crisis or difficult long-term emotional problems. But it is also useful for those who would just like to live better lives or make better choices.

Some of the thoughts and feelings that people bring to sessions are:

- 'I want to improve my relationship'
- 'I can't get my needs met. How can I be more assertive?'
- 'I have such low self-esteem'
- 'I feel so depressed'
- 'When it comes to exams – or speaking in public or with people in authority - I become petrified'
- 'I feel stressed and never have enough time'
- 'I cannot adjust to my new reality/ country/ family status'

It needs lots of courage to explore ourselves, looking at past experiences and present feelings, but counselling and psychotherapy can be the first step to solving long-term difficulties.

For some people, the aim is to achieve a creative integration of the past with the present. By exploring how your childhood might have contributed to the problems you have to deal with now, you may be better able to understand your present situation and change it. However, some people don't go back into their pasts but work on their issues in the here-and-now.

Whichever direction the work takes, as your therapist, I will be there to support you in your exploration and to provide you with a safe, confidential (and stimulating) space for you to actively engage in your personal journey.

When words are not enough, and if you like the idea, we can use the movement and the meaning our body provides. Embodied movement therapy is a well-established method of understanding how your mind and your body interact.

Sissy’s Therapy Projects for Local Authorities

I have developed and run innovative therapeutic-educational projects for under 5s and their parents/carers in several early years' and family centres in London boroughs (Islington, Richmond, Greenwich, Southwark and Westminster).

My approach, called SPARKLE TIME, is a unique and, by now, a proven intervention to fill the gap in early years’ services for those children with difficulties in their development (physical, social, cognitive, emotional) - and their families or carers. Sparkle Time delivers services that promote a child’s behavioural, emotional and physical development through imaginative and stimulating therapy sessions.

My ambition is to provide a service such that no child enters their reception class unidentified/unrecognised as having an additional need. Also, to provide support to families with children with additional and different needs and to ensure that services are fully inclusive and accessible by families from all backgrounds.

If you would like more information, please e-mail me from this website.